Not all barefoot trims are created equal. It is not enough to simply remove a horses shoes. Very different from the traditional pasture trim.
As a barefoot trimmer I evaluate each horse as an individual and since I have studied the internal structure within the hoof I trim following those structures to set up the proper mechanics needed to grow a strong and health hoof.
I believe and have seen that all horses can be successful barefoot, from trail horses to competitive barrel horses.
Call me at (519) 660- and leave me a message explaining any questions you may have about your horses feet. If you leave me a voicemail I guarantee there wont be weeks before a return call, that evening or next day MAX to make an appointment. It is very likely that I am already in your area, so give me a call.
Experience with everything from Minis to Clydesdales, goats and donkeys.
Very reasonable prices. Discounts for multiple horses.